I use Saavn and gaana to listen songs online. But one day I thought of downloading songs from a free site using mobile as I was travelling. But it showed me like 100 "Download" buttons and 200 unwanted pop-ups on my small mobile screen. I got frustrated, so much. So I thought of developing my own app to download songs and I did it the same night.

What it does

It search your movie name using Google search apis and scrap the songs for you from the free sites without any ads. It gives you a clean interface than any other music app. No extra stuff, just it will do 2 things and it does them perfectly. Only two things it does are: 1) Search Movie and 2) Download Songs.

How I built it

I used PHP to scrap the websites and used Ionic Framework with Apache Cordova to create Android app for client's interface.

Challenges I ran into

Scraping websites is way too difficult than you actually can think of, it is not easy bro...

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have written machine learning kind of algorithms for my app, so that if there is another free website available in Market, it will learn itself to extract mp3 files from the website without any extra coding.

What I learned

A lot about scraping and Hybrid app development.

What's next for MusicBox

iPhone app for MusicBox.

Built With

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