Australia’s Murray River App aims to change the world of our region and visitor experiences. Since our colonial days, Australia’s Murray River has been fragmented due to state borders. Our App promotes a ‘one river, many lands’ experience and encourages visitors to explore and spend in our communities.

We love sharing our passion for the river region and our website attracts over 1 million visitors per year. Our brand is valuable so the App needed to reflect our integrity and heritage.

Our vision was to create a sustainable App that we could grow into the future. We also aimed to change tourism and travel strategies and help businesses engage with future visitor opportunities.

Development of the App in Titanium has allowed us to include some complex database content with a dynamic customized interface and unique powerful user features. Our instance navigation and crafted design elements ensures the user experience is intuitive and efficient which fundamentally changes the ease of travelling in our region.

We’re very proud of the Murray River App and particularly some of innovative map functionality across 36 towns and 2,500 kilometres of river landscapes. This will completely change the visitor experience along the Murray River region forever.

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