The inspiration for the bot was to make the Facebook Messenger platform accessible for the restaurants and food outlets so that they can connect to their customers like a friend.

What it does

Munch Out currently provides the top rated restaurants near you or in your city or as per the cuisine of your choice. By using the database of food giant Zomato, Munch Out provides data of restaurants all across the globe.

Further, development is planned which includes promotion of hotels, providing offers to the user and many more utilities. The bot can be developed to aid customers book their table at the top restaurants of their city or in their vicinity.

How I built it

I have used python to build backend of the messenger bot and have processed the data provided by Zomato. The USP of the bot is that it is contextual bot, it provides output to the user as per the context.

The bot built to remember context of the conversation and thus provide relevant information to the user. This has been achieved without using any 3rd party tools or apis.

Challenges I ran into

A major challenge of developing the bot was to make it contextual. The bot asks series of questions to the user for the kind of restaurant he or she is looking to munch out. In order to process these question and remember the previous answers entered by the user was a challenging bout.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being contextual is a boon for the bot, because this quality of the bot can be extensively to incorporate more complex features.

What I learned

I have learned to effectively convert conversations to actions and fulfil the business requirement.

What's next for Munch Out

As mentioned, next part of Munch Out is to include features like online ordering, hotel reservation, more enhanced search and providing a platform for hoteliers to promote their businesses.

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