I wrote a blackjack game for Android. I wanted to become more familiar with TypeScript and also create a multiplayer version. I learn by actually doing something much better. I started Angular a couple of year ago and I thought why not do something without a canvas and just use HTML/CSS. was a big inspiration, where; especially with their chess game you could sit down at a table, leave a table as you like; watch a game.

What it does

Multiplayer Blackjack Game Client that gets the came from my game server. You can run the static client anywhere. Currently on Netlify.

How I built it

Node, TypeScript , Angular 7

Challenges I ran into

Not using a canvas or any game engine. Just HTML5 and CSS, responsive game for most screen widths, designing the game board with that in mind. Latency. Motivation; when you're doing something completely by yourself. No beta testers...

Accomplishments that I'm proud of


What I learned

Developing a Multiplayer Game Environment

What's next for Multiplayer Blackjack Game and Service

Take it more seriously. Add a DB, so far the state is saved in a map. Clean up the code. I've improved with Angular and going back in with improvements.

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