Build your own watch with the Multi-Watch!

Multi-Watch is not a single watch face, but any watch face you like.

Put the Watch in "Edit-mode" by clicking in the center of the watch, return to "User-mode" by clicking again in the center.

You can change various properties of the watch by selecting one of the edit buttons, or select a complete Watch Theme from your Downloads directory.

Touch a button area multiple times to get a different result, like different color or larger font depending on the property you are editing.

Make a slide-up gesture on the watch face to go to your list of favorite apps.

These are the Edit options for your Multi-Watch:

  • complete theme selection (find your theme files on
  • any (watch) background from the gallery
  • numbers (normal/roman) or dots in a circle
  • digital time on/off/size/position
  • digital time am/pm or 24h + position and size
  • date on/off/size/position/format
  • battery indicator
  • pedometer value (in km and miles)
  • unlimited colors for data/time/hands
  • android like topbar with battery, time and pedometer value)
  • apps to launch after slide-up gesture.
  • days/month names in English,French,Spanish,German or Dutch

Edit-Mode (screen 1):

  • Center: go to Edit screen 2
  • Top left: select background image from Gallery
  • Top middle: set dots or numbers in a circle on the screen
  • Top right: am/pm or 24h time format
  • Right middle: date on/off/position/size/format
  • Bottom right: position/size of digital time
  • Bottom middle: set RGBa color for date & time
  • Bottom left: select WsTheme from Downloads dir
  • Left middle: show pedometer value in km/mi 2 sizes
  • Area around the center: fine-tuning position for date/time/pedometer/theme

Edit-Mode (screen 2):

  • Center: go to Edit screen 3
  • Top left: Load theme preview images (can take some time!!!)
  • Top middle: Reset all to initial values
  • Top right: show battery status and/or pedometer value and or statusbar
  • Right middle: change hands type
  • Bottom right: Select Hourly chime from list (time period selectable)
  • Bottom middle: set RGBa color for watch hands
  • Bottom left: Select WsTheme from Downloads dir (same as screen 1)
  • Left middle: load/save current watchface configuration (30 slots)
  • Area around the center: fine-tuning position for theme

Edit-Mode (screen 3):

  • Center: switch off Edit-mode
  • Set apps to launch after slide-up gesture

Loading Theme file:

  • download your .wstheme files from
  • connect your gear2 to your computer with a usb cable
  • copy the .wstheme files to the "Downloads" directory on your Gear2 device
  • select the theme from Multi-Watch with the Bottom-Left touch button in Edit-Mode

Notes form the developer:

.wstheme files (for loading themes), can be found on Digital WsThemes are now also supported. Loading and saving of watch configuration upto 30 slots This version is prepared for loading themes directly from the Multi-Watch phone app. If you find a watch not looking as is should, please contact me.

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