The project would visualize the team of casts, directors, producers, studio and genres and any combination of them and see the trends in the success of movies in terms of budget, popularity, profit or ratings over time. The visualization could possibly provide insights into attributes that could potentially produce a more bankable team.

The visualization would also be interesting for addressing issues of diversity in movies. For example, how many roles does an actress play in her twenties, and how do the number of roles, genre of movies, and the success of those movies change over the course of her career?

There are many groups who may find this visualization interesting. Movie buffs would want to follow their favorite actors and be able to see trends in actors’ success rates. Producers and casting director and agents could explore certain insights into what makes an actor/actress successful. It could also serve as a useful resource for journalists interested in researching actors' careers and associations.

Making movies is a matter of taste. Currently, casting directors may have to expend a considerable amount of time and energy consulting multiple resources to find the best people to cast for an upcoming film. For example, casting directors might be interested in variables such as which projects an actor has participated in previously, how large those projects were (in terms of budget), and the success of those projects on critical and financial scales (ratings and revenue).

Moviz, allows users to access these data in a single place. A casting director who uses our visualization can build customized teams of cast and crew and view team members’ information simultaneously across many variables. The user can form their own opinion about a team based on their personal definition of what makes a good team for a prospective movie.

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