I found my inspiration from a Faceook page named 'The Cinemates'. It actually a group where people watch different movies and series and give reviews from their personal view which sometimes help to know either what i'm going to watch will spoil my time or worth it. But most of the time for different peoples review I can't ensure what should I do. Some post good things and some wrong. So, I took a initiative to open a page with some movie and series lovers and critics that will help me to provide the perfect review. And after opening it I found that after some days people will face a huge problem to find the desire post. As a result to clear their sufferings I created this bot so they can just text the bot and need the link they actually want.

What it does

It actually provides the users with the movie review they desire. Anyone who needs to take some well reviews can text here. My bot will give them option to choose. The more they choose following their want the bot gives them the more accurate review for that type of movies or series.

How I built it

I built it using Chatfuel. As my first work it helped me a lot and I'm still trying to develop my bot the best way I can. But to be honest it took a good number of nights and snacks.

Challenges I ran into

The best challenge is not having a team. I have to do it all alone but i tried my best and from this loneliness i learned a lot. Moreover as a fresher it was very hard to use Chatfuel though i found it easy after some moments. All together whatever the pain was I enjoyed all the challenges to complete it and in this case Facebook, StartKoro and Youtube helped me a lot.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Firstly, I'm proud of doing it all alone and in only 03 days. Secondly, I have completed the way I want and is ready to use but some more link development and frouping is important.

What I learned

I learned a lot about messenger bot. Before knowing about this competition i was always curious bout how this bot replies from big and well known pages. Now my curiosity has a path which had no before. But after learning about messenger bot and creating my curiosity find a new way that is making me more curious about technology and Facebook.

What's next for Movies and Series review helping bot

The next step i've think for is to add the movie or series link direct and send it to the users through my bot which will be more fluent and easy to use next time.

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