I have consumed some GraphQL apis, but I have never built one myself. Thought this would be good opportunity to get started on it. Using StepZen felt like cheating though, made it a lot easier to built the apis.

What it does

This is a simple Web App listing the trending & upcoming Movies, TV shows and Actors and their details. User can favorite a movie, tv show or actor and the total favorites the item gets is shown to everyone.

How we built it

To get the movie listing The Movie Database ( APIs were used. Additionally the favorite data is stored in MongoDB Atlas via Data API. The web app is built with React

The schemas can be found in

Utilized the directives like materializer, sequence etc., which helped a lot in building some complex scenarios. (

Cloudflare pages is used to host the static page and proxy the StepZen graphql endpoint so that the auth key can be hidden. (

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I started the project a bit late but within a 3 days of time I was able to learn the basics of StepZen and built the app.

What we learned

Learned a lot on designing a GraphQL api and the best practices.

What's next for Movie/TV Guide

Some schema is still pending. Though the web app is for demonstration purpose, I want to publish a complete GraphQL api for TMDB with all the options available. Will push it in a separate open source github repo once that is done.

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