This is was something that constantly bugged us. We kept changing the due dates. Were we disciplined enough? Or did we underestimate the time requirement? Though this happened numerous times, we never seemed to learn from it, because we didn't keep track of it.

What it does

This addon keeps track of whenever you change deadlines. It tells how many times each member has changed the 'due dates' on any card, along with the reason for doing so. The next time you are about to change a due date, you would be more careful!

How I built it

Using Trello's developer kit. The documentation and GitHub samples were awesome enough to get started and learn about the platform quickly

Challenges I ran into

Handling promises. Still a beginner at asynchronous programming

Getting started with a new development platform

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building something that would actually benefit people!

What I learned

What's next for MotivateMe

Add analytics - graphical representations of member-wise stats Smartly suggest due dates next time automatically based on past records.

Built With

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