The idea sparked off by the utilization of chatbot technology in order to make mortgage advisers virtual for the initial screening process, giving information to applications without having to go for a face-to-face meeting at a bank (for example, when considering multiple properties). Once a quote is agreed upon, a single-click button will allow the customers to reach customer service, along with a quote being logged to Barclay's servers, streamlining the application process.

Additionally, the user's selections and profiles could be saved and utilized to display a range of useful nearby services such as relocation companies and interior designers, who are again, at a one-button click away from scheduling appointments. If desired, companies could promote themselves via subscriptions to appear higher on this list

What it does

Delivers a quote on mortgage interest based on algorithms involving the loan amount, payback time, deposit, job stability and income of the client. Allows for one-click appointment schedules with Barclays customer service and shows a list of nearby services to the supplied post code.

How I built it

Android studio, eclipse, and lots of paper for algorithm calculations

Challenges I ran into

My computer died, and then went through the resurrection. My phone cracked in the bathroom, despite being 2 weeks old. Also, the importance of not using third party chatbot API (due to this being a corporate project) meant that the chatbot had to be simulated by hand.

But hey, at least's it is finished

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Pulling this stunt off in such a short time with my teammates

What I learned

Banking is a highly regulated sector, meaning data is often not available to developers, resulting in us learning a lot about mortgages. How to simulate chatbots in android. Intuitive UX

What's next for MortgageMe!

Networking! Linking to Barclay's servers and third party API

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