Have you ever met someone new, greeted them, shook their hand and exchanged names with them... only to forget their name the second after you hear it. So have I.

As an exchange student from Norway, I experienced this the hard way during my first weeks at San Jose State University. And in fact, I still do, even here at the hackathon. With so many new people and names every day, it feels impossible to remember all of them. Not remembering someone's name can be awkward both for the one who's forgotten and the one who forgets. But in my experience, it almost never have anything to do with the person not being important or interesting or anything like that. It's just really hard to remember.

Few things are as important as socializing, and especially in school is friends and school mates really important. Both academically, and just in general. Remembering someone's name can be the difference of saying hi when you see that guy you met last week in the hallways, rather than avoiding him to avoid an awkwards situation. It might be the difference between asking that girl you met that one time about the homework due tomorrow, or not. Since it's a lot easier to say "Hey, Emily!" rather then "Hey, you...".

Ok. Maybe I'm being a little overdramatic here, but I have smooth solution anyway! A pair of apps for your smartphone and smartwatch.

What it does

Using the accelorometer and mic, on the Pebble Time and the new Pebble Time Round, my watchapp will automatically recognize when a handshake is initiated, start voice recognition, and remember the name of the person you're talking to! You can then review the information later, along with information about when the handshake took place, and then rehearse and remember the name of every single person you just met!

How I built it

With Pebble's development interface, I programmed a watchapp in C (my first attempt ever!). And with Java and Android Studio, I made a companion the watchapp can talk to and store entries in.

Challenges I ran into

Being my first attempt at making an app for Pebble, and also one of my very first Android app I ran into a lot of challenges! The biggest one was making them talk together.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

But thanks to helpfull mentors and a lot of reading on the web I actually made it work!

What I learned

Everything. C, Pebble SDK, Android SDK and that there's almost no limit to what's possible if you really apply yourself for two days!

What's next for Morten's Fanclub

World dominance.

Google Play: Pebble App Store:

Never forget a name again, thanks to Pebble and my awesome project.

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