Media objectivity and mistake-proof are becoming more and weaker. As our society lives in an era of digitation and connected lives, people tend to believe every information they face on the internet, without thinking. That's where our solution comes.

What it does

Our tool analyzes and evaluates texts, websites, articles...etc using natural language processing techniques and provides strong conclusions and evaluations for readers in order to detect the objective and good quality information from the bad one.

How we built it

A text analyzer that studies emotions and styles to detect subjectivity and bad media and reports the remarks to the readers with suggestions.

Challenges we ran into

Saying that a news is fake or not is a philosophical problem which is almost impossible to solve. If humans can't all agree on the same and unique truth, how can they teach a machine to do so. Human Intelligence can't teach Artificial Intelligence something it doesn' know. That's why, our solution isn't a Fake news classifier/identifier, but a tool to make humans think about an information and question its facts and sources before believing it.

What we are proud of

We are especially proud that we made a website that just works. We went straight from idea to the functional app.

What's next for MoreJustMedia

Adding more functions that could detect patterns related to fake news and bad media in general. Preventing the fake information from spreading before they become viral.

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