Backend Overview

The International Fishery Data Standard (IFDS) designed by us is intended to consolidate and unify various data fields by fisheries around the world in a bid to have them stored in a central server/database for everyone to utilize.

Mobile App Overview

It is a proof-of-concept android application created during the duration of the fishackathon to demonstrate a platform for fisheries to enter data easily and more efficiently than current implementations, regardless of operation purpose.


The prototype backend can be found at Our first draft of IFDS can be found at the home page.


/operations/:operation_id/custom?show_all=true             # shows all values of a particular operation
/operations/:operation_id/catches/:catch_id/specimen       # list all specimen values of a catch in an operation
/operations/:operation_id/catches                          # list all the catches of an operation
/operations/:operation_id/catches/:id                      # show the particular catch of an operation
/operations/:id                                            # show operation
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