Music is always with us, it feeds our emotions and inspires us. It would be so awesome if we tell a program how we feel and it would create a playlist right away so we can start vibing immediately.

What it does

Mooder gives you a selection of images and wants you to select the ones that appeal to your current mood the most. Then it examines the pictures you select to understand your mood with its algorithm and creates a unique playlist in your Spotify account.

How we built it

We separated the project into three domains: back-end, front-end, design. Each one of us worked on one part. We had to communicate and help each other all the time because it was our first try to implement a full-stack web app.

Challenges we ran into

Using a Spotify Web API wrapper for Node.js was a huge challenge and it took hours to make it up and running. Connecting the front-end with the express.js back-end was a big challenge since we weren't experienced.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

To be able to figure out our problems with the Spotify Web API wrapper library, we reached out to the repo owner via email. The connection we built with him was the most important milestone in our project and we're so proud of searching for help and reaching out to the main developer of the wrapper library. Also, our teammate who did the front-end has never experienced HTML, CSS, and Js before but with our help, he was able to write all the code necessary for our web pages on his own. We are especially proud of him.

What we learned

We learned that we are not alone and connecting to people around the globe is just at our fingertips, and open-source project development proves this idea. We owe huge thanks to the developer we mentioned above and also the developers from StackOverflow :)

What's next for Mooder

Our next step will be to improve our algorithm by adding AI models and making the mood predictor more accurate. Also we wan't to improve our website design.

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