Montreal Genius


  • Assistants are a growing trend and field
  • Cloud services allow for quick and scalable development
  • Montreal has a lot of data to leverage to enrich its citizens

What it is

Montreal Genius is an assistant, residing on the Actions on Google platform, which allows people to discover or rediscover the beautiful city of Montreal through its numerous datasets.

What it does

  • Informs people on Montreal
  • Makes learning new things fun
  • Tickles people's curiosity by referring them to external resources

How it is built

  • Python
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Amazon Web Services


  • Integration of multiple cloud services
  • Aggregation and organization of heterogeneous data


  • Efficient execution of a result-oriented approach
  • Final product is production-ready

What is next

  • Add more intents to the agent
  • Add more data categories, and more elements in them
  • Possibility of adding a second frontend for Amazon Alexa
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