What inspired us

Our time was very tickled by the representation of hackers in Hollywood movies especially during the 80's period. Our aim is to provide the user with a mind-bending hacking EXPERIENCE.

What it does

Be a HACKER in the year 1986. Complete entirely illogical puzzles by performing actions that have no basis in real life hacking whatsoever.

How we built it

We built our VR environment from scratch. All assets in the project were created in Blender during the time of the Hackathon by our dev team. All game mechanics and physics were developed in Unity using the Razer Hydra API to enable motion controls in our scene.

Challenges we ran into

"The hardest part... is all of it" - Dustin Podell

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Surviving the weekend. We put an obscene amount work into this project to get an entire virtual space with physics and interact-able objects from scratch.

What we learned

Everyone in the team learned new things. Some of us did 3D modeling for the first time, others got to work with VR for the first time. Mostly we learned what can come out of having a dedicated team cooped up in room with computers for 40 hours.

What's next for Mom's Basement

We're planning on porting the game to the Samsung Gear VR. Since the game relies heavily on motion controls and the Rink motion controls haven't been released yet, we are using the Oculus Rift DK2 to bring the experience to the user for now. We're toying with the idea of making the game collaborative in multiplayer where the two players have to yell instructions at each other.

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