My sister, a young mother who loves her daughter so much, always feel stressed with her duties. She cannot balance between life and work, and usually feel alone. If our family hasn't been next to her during her need, I do not know what things can happen. Therefore, I want to make MoM Assistant to share, talk and can be a friend to any young mother.

What it does

MoM Assistant, a chat+voice bot is able to help young mothers efficiently manage their schedule and diagnose their mental health at early stage.

How I built it

Using Microsoft Bot Builder to construct the decision tree for the bot, Luis.AI to build the Natural Language Understanding, Bing Speech API to convert speech to text, Twilio for handling SMS text to relatives.

Challenges I ran into

Sleepiness, 1st time hacking without my gangs. Bing Speech API to convert speech to text. Adaptive card to build informative answer.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finish a prototype with basic functions.

What I learned

Web-dev (definitely will need to improve later)

What's next for Mom Assistant

Combine Bing Search, instead of using dummy databases. Complete the ML algorithms to detect the mental stage.

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