User Value

As an employee at Wayfair, I often find myself switching back and forth across various pages and applications to get all the information that I need. That is a lot of time wasted navigating through various UIs and waiting for various pages to load.

An example flow that an engineer might have to go through:

  • I need to see merge requests from my team that need reviewing, so I have to go to Gitlab and navigate through its UI. Then I want to see my own merge requests and see the issues on it, so I have navigate through Gitlab's UI again.
  • I then want to see which team a particular person belongs to, so I open up orgbrowser and search the name.
  • I then need to see when and where my next meeting is, so I open up my calendar program.
  • At the end of the day, I need to log my time, so I open up PT and navigate to its log time page.
  • Once all that is done, I want to grab a beer but I want to know what floor has what beer, so I open up the beer listing

There's nothing stopping us from displaying all of this on a single page and save everyone's precious time. Which is what Modular Admin Home strives to do.

What We Did

We made an employee home page that allows for the loading of arbitrary modules. The current Admin home is already customizable, but only with links that leads to other pages. Utilizing asynchronous Javascript data transfer, we can make it so that people can just do most of the these actions straight on this one page.

Google Doc Presentation With User Story, Screenshots, and Future Ideas: Google Slides Link

Try it out! Go to Test Now! in

To see the code:



Why modular? Why not just make a page that loads a preset group of data?

The example flow given above is for an engineer, and we realize that different people in different groups will need to access different data.

Someone working with imagery will often need to see images given an IreID, a Customer Service agent manager will need to see the how many tickets need to be processed and how many are overdue, etc etc.

This is why we're making this page very extensible. Someone from Product Media can make modules specifically related to media, someone on Transportation can make modules specifically related to transportation, etc.

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