Smartphones rule our lives today and numerous new technologies have also developed alongside. Smartphone apps are one such technology that leverages the power of the device and have changed the face of many businesses in terms of how they are conducted and have become successful bringing in increased revenues.

The smartphone app market is predicted to grow and so is the number of mobile apps. Mobile app downloads from app stores are predicted to exceed 139 million in 2021. If you are an iOS or Android app development company in UAE, the mobile app trends that are going to hold court in 2021 and stay on for longer and transform businesses may interest you. In this article, we attempt to list the stay-on business-transforming mobile app trends of the year 2021 and beyond.

1) Apps for Wearables If you have created an app that could be integrated with wearable devices, it is recommended that you integrate its functionalities into a mobile app. Today you get your WhatsApp notifications on smart-watches, right? It is important to keep in your mind that fact that you can integrate any function for wearables into a mobile app. This is because wearables and mobile apps are both here to stay. If you are into iOS app development in Dubai, you would know that watch OS development and iOS app development are heavily intertwined.

2) Internet of Things (IoT) IoT is moving in a direction where you an even lock your front door (in case you forgot to do so) from wherever you are. Government departments may soon be able to control street lighting in a similar fashion. We are moving towards times when we can control almost any appliance by using IoT.

As developers of mobile IOS and Android Apps in Dubai, you must be aware that Philips lighting systems, and Amazon Dash Button, etc., are already becoming popular. Development companies are shifting to top gear in IoT app development.

Popular future trends for IoT include automatic driverless cars, IoT in healthcare, and smart homes and cities, among others. Keep these in mind as IoT seems to be the ‘next biggest thing’ this year and beyond.

3) AI & ML Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are known phenomena and it is purported that the market share for AI by 2024 is likely to hit nearly $ 200 billion. Competent mobile app developers across the world can have a piece of this cake. This would be possible for makers of IOS and Android Apps in Dubai as well.

Medical and manufacturing sectors have shown improved efficiencies through AI. Integration of ML and AI into mobile app development, whether it is Android app development or iOS app development in Dubai, can helpin the development stages by learning app-building from earlier instances, identify problems, and help to troubleshoot them in real-time.

The combination of IoT and AI is predicted to be more powerful than we can imagine and mobile apps will have a good part to play in this in the coming future.

4) Gesture-based Smartphone Navigation You may have notices that recent smartphones are built to be more compact. Android has recently implemented gesture-based navigation. We are sure that Apple will soon follow suit.

It is predicted that smartphones will soon be manufactured without navigation buttons, but will be made with gesture-recognizing sensors instead.

This is a trend that is fast catching up and if you are part of a mobile app development company in Dubai, it is important to keep abreast of developments related to this.

5) Enterprise Mobile Apps If you have wondered why enterprise mobile apps are ‘the real thing’, it is all about portability and reduction of costs. However, they will never replace enterprise desktop apps but will work alongside one another with great synergy. All apps will hereafter be built to deliver multi-experiences. The technology trends that are likely to be integrated rampantly in the enterprise mobile apps of the future are AR/VR, AI, IoT, Mobile bots, and Blockchain among others. Mobile app development companies need to jump into the enterprise mobile apps bandwagon to beat the competition.

6) 5G Networks It is expected that 5G networks will become a reality in 2021. There are likely to be more than 100 million 5G connections by the end of the year. iPhone 12 has provisions that can help it to adapt to 5G technology and this is an energizing trend after all.

5G is purported to be 100 times faster than 4G, its predecessor. Other characteristics include stability and low latency.

5G technology when leveraged with mobile apps are expected to bring notable changes in streaming video, that is, streaming without buffering, and better VR/AR effects. Improved connectivity is also expected to favour IoT services.

7) Blockchain Blockchain technology was most heard in connection with cryptocurrencies. However, it has now made its way into many other areas with mobile app development being just one of them.

Blockchain is nothing but a large decentralized database with a chain of blocks being present simultaneously on more than one PC. The blocks keep on building whenever new data is recorded, the old blocks are saved, a copy of which is delivered to every concerned member PC.

This technology helps to prevent data breaches and other frauds. Any change can be immediately tracked. Blockchain-enabled mobile payment apps are secure and are therefore becoming popular.

8) Beacon-based Services If search phrases such as ‘mobile app development Dubai’ or ‘app development company Dubai’ lists your company at the top in SERPs, then you need to be building mobile apps that tap into location sensor capabilities of the mobile phone. This helps to deliver highly relevant contextual data and services. These features are widely used in games, fitness apps, Geotagging, etc.

Beacons use BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and a mobile app can be designed to receive this signal when it enters the Beacon zone. It can then provide users with required notifications and guidance.

Conclusion This is not an exhaustive list of mobile app trends in 2021 but is one that is going to matter in this coming year.

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