Theme video:

Inspiration: A person wonderered why there isn't a legal assistant, and psychology assistant to enhance empathy, and sympathy in humanity. He then stepped back and realized that just like him others wondered about a solution to 3rd-person morality.

Companies working heavily in Mixed Reality include Magic Leap and Meta Co.

What it does: Wikipedia lists information for topics. Our app gives suggestions in your environment. If everyone was wearing augmented glasses we could have suggested behaviors like what various laws say and principles from philosophers in history suggesting what we do in our external environment.


  • AR aligning religion with decisions
  • AR aligning ethics with decisions
  • AR behavior assistant
  • AR legal assistant
  • AR consequence assistant
  • AR invalidated assumptions assistant
  • AR problem solver assistant
  • AR points of view assistant
  • AR suggesting someone to back off based on what they are saying or a computer seeing what they are feeling based on words
  • AR MR storyteller for Some people have reading comprehension difficulty
  • AR to suggest politeness and other ways people can be kind to one another

What’s next: In theory, apps listed. Other next steps would be to market the apps to other coders, so they can refine it to attract users.


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