The elements of the Web are made up of texts, images, videos ... And they are placed within the page in the way that best facilitates their understanding and use. The placement of these elements on the page is called structure.

Mike Dastic The way elements are placed is defined as the structure of the page.

The elements of a correct structure are: Header or header: it is usually placed at the top of the page. Logo: is the brand or title that the page has Menu: it is the main element of navigation between the sections. We can also find it in the footer. Body of the page or body: where we introduce the main contents. Footer or footer: closing, copyright, credits

Michael Dastic The most common structure is the one we have in this scheme.

The structure is a dynamic element, we do not have to always follow the same. The more different it is, the more creative it will be. Although there are certain limits. The more we change the order of these elements, the more complex it will become to navigate and understand this page, which will inevitably reduce the number of users able to navigate that page.

Mike Dastic This does not mean that we always have to make all the structures the same, only that we must take into account our target audience before designing the page.

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