Rockin Software and yours truly are PUMPED about MessageFiler – the tool you need for achieving “Inbox Zero” or “Givn’r Till Death” (GTD)! Or is it Getting Things Done? Whatever! It’ll help you easily file e-mails to any “folder-as-you-type” and actually suggest which folder to file it to based on your past history (your filing history, not your questionable taste in music in the 80’s).

Even more, MessageFiler will also let you add your most heavily metally used folders to your Favorites list, AND set flags and/or categories to easily T&F (Triage & File, not to be confused with Y&T). There's even the ability to create "QuickFilers", so you can file to a pre-selected folder, apply a specified flag and assign a category to the e-mail - all with one click!

MessageFiler is built with the new web-based Office add-ins framework, so it will work in Outlook Online (OWA) with Office 365 or Exchange 2013+, as well as in Outlook 2013 + AND in mobile browsers when using OWA. It'll even work with accounts!

A video demo is available here:

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