We wanted to help women in STEM, who we classify as queens, to be the best they can be! We knew that often times they feel like they don't belong and we are aware that society doesn't treat them like the queens that they are. So we were inspired by the strongest women in our lives, and figured that Queens often look up to professional women for inspiration, and everyone has goals they want to achieve. So we combined the two, going to someone you look up to because they've achieved the goals you aspire to accomplish yourself.

What it does

The website/application is essentially a bucket list that helps women in STEM (Queens) keep track of their goals, both professionally and personally, and it connects these women with other women who have "been in their shoes" making them mentors, helping these Queens to pursue and accomplish their professional goals. An algorithm sorts through the goals given by these Queens, selecting for them three mentors who have accomplished what these Queens aspire to accomplish.There is also a messaging portion in which the two can chat whenever and wherever.

How we built it

For the front end we used Bootstrap to make our application desktop and mobile friendly We utilized the Express.Js framework with EJS to serve our HTML templates and also to interact with our database For the Database we decided to go with MongoDB to develop the minimum viable product

Challenges we ran into

MongoDB installation Bootstrap version discrepancies

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating an application that we feel will impact many women in STEM to achieve whatever they put their minds to and grant them with an astonishing support group that helps in their times of need. It is also something we can see ourselves working to improve in the future and we don't plan on leaving it in the depths of this hackathon's memories.

What we learned

~ New Technologies

  • Express.Js
  • Bootstrap
  • Firebase

~ How to combine the talents of individuals to work as one (working in a team)

What's next for MentorQueens

We feel that MentorQueens can bring change, so we have much in store for it. We would like to actually have the ability to allow the mentors be able to add mentees to their lists. We also want the app to be able to utilize location in finding mentors. We would also like to complete customizable profiles that can be viewed by other users on the site. Ultimately, we want this to be able to span globally but for now we are focusing in the continental states.

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