We hope to bridge the gender gap in STEM by facilitating women mentoring other women in STEM. This site allows women to reach out to potential mentors and also allows women who are established in the tech field to personally have a hand in helping other women succeed.

What it does

The concept is simple, reach out to a mentor on our app, decide on the details one-on-one, and you're good to go!

How we built it

The app was built using Ruby on Rails, the mentors selection page pulls from a ruby database to display mentors working with us. Each mentor's 'show.html' page shows details about the mentor, contact info, and ratings/comments. Users have the ability to sign-in to leave a comment and rating.

Challenges we ran into

We were not able to host the app on a production site.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The feel of the app, the usability and the functionalities.

What we learned

We went on to increase our Ruby on Rails skills.

What's next for Mentor App

We would like to add more functionality to the app, and possibly add a hub for the students who are being mentored to connect.

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