My grandfather's brother suffered from dementia. I wish there was a better way for him to remain connected with friends and family, especially those far away. It was painful to see him slowly forget about those he loved and it would have helped a lot if there was a way to keep in touch with those that mattered to him.

What it does

It helps dementia patients stay connected with their friends and family. The website curates and keeps a list of the patient's connections (family and friends). The website enables the patient and their connections to maintain contact by sharing images, videos, and messages. This lets the patient browse the list and immediately contact anyone they feel to be slipping from their memory. This lets them maintain their connection with the real world and keeps their loved ones' memories alive.

How we built it

I built it using python, HTML, SQLAlchemy, and a python module named Flask which helps in web development. I used as a coding environment.

Challenges we ran into

I had trouble with making the Account system but eventually got over the obstacle.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am extremely delighted to see that I was able to accomplish such a project in just one day.

What we learned

I learned about Flask and increased my knowledge of web development.

What's next for Memories

I extremely enjoyed working on this website. However, a day was not enough to let it achieve its full potential and I plan on working on it later on. I plan to make the website even more user-friendly and want to add more features to it to make the experience for patients more improved and better. I also possibly plan on buying a domain for this website.

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