Thinking of a funny witty project to make people laugh, I immediately thought of the idea of sharing memes in a very convenient way for everyone to see each other's memes

What it does

It is a very easy to use social platform to share memes. Anyone can post and share a meme with the world through MemeNet. Simply go to the website, upload an image, add some text, and post!

How I built it

I used HTML, CSS, and JS, the three web technologies to code the front end of the app. Beautiful CSS and UI. I used google cloud firestore to power the backend, with the database and storage. I use netlify to deploy.

Challenges I ran into

I needed an efficient way of coding a backend database with a storage bucket, and doing one with NodeJS and MongoDB would be quite time consuming. Thankfully, I had firebase and firestore, two technologies that I discovered are really scalable and efficient to use.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I worked very hard to make the code compact and the UI very easy to use and intuitive. No fancy crazy features, just a simple yet powerful way to share with everyone in the world, that runs very fast on minimal code.

What I learned

I learned to how create an app with minimal overhead and time-consuming gimmicks. With the use of cloud firestore and firebase storage and a simple UI and frontend, I made this a reality.

What's next for MemeNet

We seek to add chat and comment functionality, as well as a search engine for memes once the platform is more heavily used and contains more posts.

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