Spark AR Sticker Challenge - Rookie Hacks by MLH

What it does

It masks the face of the user to vector art.

How I built it

I build using Spark AR.

Challenges I ran into

It took couple of hours to figure out the interface of Spark AR and AR technology. Once that was overcome, everything fell into place until I realized my CPU doesn't support Advanced Patching. Spatial Computing inf act kills my CPU, probably will have to get a external GPU to make my filters more interactive.Also my phone doesn't support Spark AR player.That last part was very upsetting. I as the developer couldn't test it me self! Had to ask my friend to do it! Lucky, he was glad to lend me his time!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Built my Spark AR project, thanks to MLH. Despite the odds, I managed to use my intellect and creativity to develop a cool filter which garnered likes of my circle of friends. Hope the world accepts it. Published it into spark ar hub. Waiting to have it approved!

What I learned

With true motivation, friends, and experienced people/organization like MLH, youtubers there to support and share their knowledge, I am destined to achieve great heights in the fields of Graphical Designing and Full Stack Development. The hackathons helps me showcase my projects which is in fact makes me product of spending my time constructively and in a sense motivates to continue this path of development.

What's next for Meme of Life

I am currently working on Meme of Life 2.0 which will have wide range of features including buttons and sliders to switch between characters. But the highlight is that I grabbed the attention of a fashion designer, and she is ready to contribute to my project so as to make it more pleasing to the female gender.

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