I was inspired by the keynote talk and panel about how technology can reduce the inefficiencies in healthcare. For this project I made a real-time patient booking and patient-delivery system. When a doctor has free time, due to a cancellation or appointment not being filled, they log into their account and put on a calendar when they are free. On the other side of the marketplace, patients can book time with a doctor in real-time. When a patient books an appointment, an Uber is automatically deployed to their location to take them to a doctor. Using Uber reduces the variance in the system and makes sure the patient will arrive on time and before the doctor is busy with another appointment. Like Uber, the cost of seeing the doctor is dependent on supply and demand of doctors and Ubers.

When the patient gets in the Uber, they begin a chat with the NurseBot. The NurseBot asks the patient about their medical history. The chat is displayed to the doctor in a structured format in the Doctor Dashboard. Using natural language processing, if the NurseBot recognizes any urgent problems, it can reroute the Uber to an emergency room. When the visit over, both the patient and doctor rate each other.

Overall, the goal of this system is to reduce inefficiencies in healthcare by allowing doctors to use time during the day more efficiently and to provide patients with a clear price. Additionally, it is possible that many patients will enjoy the real-time nature of the application and having transportation provided to them.

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