Living in a thriving city is not an easy thing. For one, resources are scarce. Everybody has experience that scarcity at least once, and startup entrepreneurs are no different. When it comes to find somewhere to git shit done, it is very hard to assess potential spots for work. This is where MeetMeThere comes in.

What it does

MeetMeThere is your go-to when it comes to finding a spot for a meetup, whether for work, for business, or for fun. Build your teams, organize events, send events to your peers, choose a spot, and get down to business.

How we built it

MeetMeThere is built on the reliability, scalability and power of the .NET Framework and of C# and brought to you using AngularJS 1.x. Our team separated the project in the classical frontend vs backend subteams, where Felix was assigned to the backend, Alexandra to the markup and styling, Philippe to the binding with AngularJS and Alex to the integration of external APIs for the frontend.

Challenges we ran into

As we relied on an external server to test our API endpoints, we soon faced a major hurdle in Cross Origin Requests; indeed our frontend wouldn’t allow to do the necessary AJAX to the servers due to the Same Origin Policy. We used all of our wits to face the problem; setting headers on the server side, using CORS protocols, proxying the request through NodeJS in order to ease the transfer of the request. Ultimately we ended up stuck when the NodeJS couldn’t interact with the C# backend, and we decided after multiple hours to shift to an entire .NET stack. In doing so we relinquished our ability to develop freely since only one member was able to build the project. As such, any change would have to be uploaded to his computer and built from there before being tested.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

MeetMeThere may not be a final, polished product, but we are proud to say that four strangers came down together and got something done. We never faltered and we pursued our feverish work until the end, and that in itself is something we feel we should be proud of.

What we learned

The value of proper task management and division; What aiming for a MVP stands for in terms of features and concessions The underlying deceiving complexity of seemingly simple CRUD apps

What's next for Meet Me There

MeetMeThere is not just a product; it is the embodiment of a vision. With MeetMeThere, we aim to make the sea of information that is the Internet mesh with the real world. What are we aiming at? The largest IoT coverage of all public spaces to provide real time data about usage, conditions, and availability of these spaces.

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