I have seen all these NFT marketplaces showing up on other blockchains, and decided to try to create one myself, in a language i am familiar with (C#), and also been a huge fan of NEO for a long time, so a language which supports C# was a great place to start.

What it does

A smart contract to allow artists to share their digital content with the world

How we built it

Its built on top of NEO blockchain with C#, with a frontend using AngularJS, Used NGD blockchain tools to get started and setup,

Challenges we ran into

Being brand new to blockchain, having to figure out how it basically works, what methods exist, what it does, how it does it. It was a lot of trial and error, building the contract/deploying/testing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

From knowing nothing about blockchain development, and having a simple application is amazing

What we learned

Blockchain development :)

What's next for Meerkat

There is a lot of features that I wish to add/update,

  • Cleanup and refactor Clean up the code, move out parts of the code into different contracts (did not know this was possible), so one contract only deals with the tokens, and not allowing updating, just minting/burning a token

Another contract to deal with the marketplace, right now the contract only allows for buying/selling, i would like to be able to add so users can auction the token, allowing others to bid on a token which is not on the marketplace yet,

Another contract to deal with the users, so a user store their info about themselfs, Email/Logo/Name, to help when display the tokens on the site, rather than having the owner as the address, the name should show,

  • NeoFS Add the capability for a user to upload data from their PC to NeoFS straight through the application and the container/path to the image will then be stored on the blockchain

  • Saving the info about a token So from what i have heard, its not possible to easly look through the transactions and find what a token has been through, who it was minted by, who it was sold to, the transfers ? So to fix this, an external database, and have it look for events from my contract (mint/transfer/etc..) and save this info, so when a user clicks on a token, they can view the entier history,

  • Allow commision for the creator Allow the creator of an NFT to be able to get comission for every time the NFT is sold/purchased

  • Allow tokens to be listed with more than just GAS token If possible using Flamingo to allow a user to pay with X token and the owner getting Y token,

  • Revenue Adding a small fee for say minting a token or listing a token,

  • Creating a token By creating a token, and having X amount of tokens released each day, and dividing these tokens among all the users which are using the dapp to Mint/Buy/Sell a token,

These tokens can then also be used to pay for Minting/Listing/etc... and 50% of these tokens go into the pot which will be released back among the users using the dapp, 25% burned forever and 25% used as revenue,

  • Allowing NFT's from other contracts If possible allowing users to send their NFT's from other contracts to mine and allow them to interact with them there.

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