Inspiration. I have worked in a level II trauma center for the past 4.5 years and MedMGMT is a collection of all of the improvements I would like to make to the medical system from managing patient medications and appointments to getting life saving information to medical professionals in emergent situations.

What it does. Takes in patient's medical history, medication list and physicians the patient is followed by. Alerts the patient of new medications prescribed and by whom, keeps track of how much of the medication the patient has taken and reached out to specialists to schedule appointments if medication is not working or if patient needs a refill. The application also has a LifeSAYver extension that displays medical history if the patient's location is picked up at a hospital and the patient does not turn off the 5 minute alarm. If the alarm is not disabled, medical information is displayed on the screen and the patient's emergency contact is notified of the patient's location at a hospital.

How I built it. Android studio, firebase and twillio

Challenges I ran into.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of.

What I learned.

What's next for MedMGMT.

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