Inspiration: One of our close friends takes several different kinds of medications, so we came up with an app that can verify what medications are incompatible. It is also useful for doctors to know what they can prescribe to their patients and to find alternatives if necessary. For older patients, it can help keep track of potentially dangerous mixes if they are prescribed medications by different doctors or recieve medications from different pharmacies.

What it does: MedCompComp takes a database of known prescription medicines and tests for incompatibility to warn of potential risks. It can be used by both doctors prescribing or by patients self-administering drugs as a safety precaution.

How we built it: By using the MIT App Inventor as our base for coding(primarily for Androids) and AdobeXD for better visualization and ease of access with IOS technologies, we were able to display the most commonly prescribed medications and their top three incompatible counterparts.

Challenges we ran into: Formatting became messy and creating a solid idea that we could implement was also rather challenging. Due to the type of app we decided to work with, it was necessary to hard code a lot of information on the page instead of using a for loop to retrieve data from a list or vector.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Finishing.

What we learned: How to use MIT App Inventor and AdobeXD, how to brainstorm, implement, troubleshoot, and test.

What's next for MEDCOMP: Download databases and automatically scan for incompatibilities on a large scale so the list is more comprehensive. In the future, we'd like to add a feature that allows the user to input two medications and check the compatibilities instead of having to search through and select options.

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