So it was very confusing who to work on and what to built, then we thought why not use the theme of the hack ( Hack for Social Good ) and relate it to the current scenario of Covid-19 where most of the people who were affected are also taking the charge are the frontline workers ( mostly doctors and people related to health care industry) and we came to conclusion why don't we built something for them which with the use of** upcoming tech** and fresh brains like us.

What it does

The project is parsed into 4 sub projects which are: 1.Supply Chain and Logistics: 2 Data Visualization and Better Decision Making :

  1. Virtual Assistant for Patients : 4.Doctor and Patient Management portal :

How we built it

The project as usual we divided into 5 parts or phases which our team worked on with the help from Google and mentors : 1.Prototyping the Product Design: When the idea was finalized to work on helping the frontline workers it took almost 3-5 hours just to make a draft and then 2 hours to finally make product design on figma.

  1. Developing the frontend and making the ** ML** model for the predication at the same time while two other members were working on ** database structuring** and tensor flow learning by which we were almost 16 hours into the hack.
  2. Break time with almost among us playing, chatting with other hackers and attending a workshop to relax. ( 18 hours ) and slept for 2 hours with taking 2 redbulls on the way.
  3. connecting the backend and the chatbot made by tensor flow and integrating the whole front with the backend took us almost 8 hours 5.(4-5) hours just to** deploy **on a website which was always an unsuccessful attempt till 3 hours in and then we took a chill pill and it happened after then.

Challenges we ran into

1.Datastax Astra : Have to ** read loads of document** and watch 10-15 YouTube videos and then have to contact mentors to get the database finally up and running. 2.Took a lot of time than expected to ** integrate bootstrap** in the frontend part of website 3.Being never ever any of our team members have hosted anything, so it was quite a challenging task to conquer which took almost 3-4 hours and we were just on the deadline. 4.Never ever have used Tensorflow, it was a lot of googling, watching the workshop and a lot of coffee with YouTube videos to built it all together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Learning Tensor flow and making something out of it within a timeframe 2.Using datastax astra which was a Hussle but finally played off.

What we learned

1.How to use bootstarp 2.How to deploy things finally 3.Prototying a whole Product on figma

Built With

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