Cooking for one can be difficult. You never seem to have enough ingredients to make a decent recipe, and often times groceries go bad before you've had the chance to use them. We wanted to build an application that solves these problems by connecting you with friends in the same boat. With the ingredients in your fridge AND your friends', chances are you could cook up something pretty great together.

What it does

mealswithme allows you to input ingredients that you have available and lets you know when there are recipes that you can cook when you pool ingredients with people on your friends list.

How we built it

We built mealswithme as a java application. We used MongoDB to store users and food inventories in a database online.

Challenges we ran into

We would have liked to make this a fully functional website, but with relatively little experience in developing dynamic websites we decided to scrap it and make an application. We also decided that in order to avoid security concerns, login would be with username only for now (no passwords).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got our application running, and users are able to input ingredients and compare with their friends in its current state.

What we learned

This was our first attempt at using an online database to store and retrieve information. We learned how to use the MongoDB API.

What's next for mealswithme

We think mealswithme could be a great way for college students to destress and stay healthy by cooking meals with their friends. We would like to connect our app with each user's calendar and notify friends who share a light workload night when they could cook something together.

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