Discounts are often used to promote the sales of goods online. In our application we apply game dynamics to engage better with online shoppers while exposing them to critical development data. The redeemable points game dynamic is a powerful way to interest and promote engagement in something as plain as development data.  So we developed a challenge application, which leverages the benefits of game mechanics to the effectively engage, inform and educated people about the Millennium Development Goals whiles doing their regular tasks on the Internet like shopping. This application takes web store visitors through questions automatically generated from world bank data sources. Using geo-location the application is able to server the users with questions related to their country, as such the users are actually motivated to find out the more since the issues presented in the questions will be things they can easily and directly relate to. Since the intent is to get this important data to the general public and not to test them per se, a link is provided to the Google Public Data Explorer for world bank data so they can browse through to find the correct answers. It is through this process of finding the data a real impact is made in educating the public about the various Millennium Development Goals.MDG Discount Earner is embedded within web sites by web administrators .

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