Student Team

** Xbox controller input only You can not attack whilst wielding the torch, this is by design. L1 to swap between weapon and torch :) **


Classic exploration games of the 90s, Zelda for instance.

What it does

The player explores the world, accessing the memories of fellow knights in order to piece together the story of how he came to be sat on the throne, uncovering intrigue and betrayal along the way... Ooooooo

How I built it

Unity, Maya, Photoshop.

Challenges I ran into

Maya models exported with different proportions / textures / scales on each different PC, despite identical settings.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having full 3D animation in game, something we have never attempted before!

What I learned

How to 3D animate! Optimising a workflow.

What's next for Mate Games

A large beer and uninterrupted sleep! Then the remainder of our degree at Futureworks MCR. (Hopefully with a fancy trophy to show off to our classmates!)

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