Every few days, a new video of a belligerent customer refusing to wear a mask goes viral across the internet. On neighborhood platforms such as NextDoor and local Facebook groups, neighbors often recount their sightings of the mask-less minority. When visiting stores today, we must always remain vigilant if we wish to avoid finding ourselves embroiled in a firsthand encounter. With the mask-less on the loose, it’s no wonder that the rest of us have chosen to minimize our time spent outside the sanctuary of our own homes.

For anti-maskers, words on a sign are merely suggestions—for they are special and deserve special treatment. But what can’t even the most special of special folks blow past? Locks.

Locks are cold and indiscriminate, providing access to only those who pass a test. Normally, this test is a password or a key, but what if instead we tested for respect for the rule of law and order? does this by requiring masks as the token for entry.

What it does allows users to transform old phones into intelligent security cameras. Our app continuously monitors approaching patrons and uses computer vision to detect whether they are wearing masks. When a mask-less person approaches, our system automatically triggers a compatible smart lock.

This system requires no human intervention to function, saving employees and business owners the tedious and at times hopeless task of arguing with an anti-masker. provides reassurance to staff and customers alike with the promise that everyone let inside is willing to abide by safety rules. In doing so, we hope to rebuild community trust and encourage consumer activity among those respectful of the rules.

How we built it

We use Swift to write this iOS application, leveraging AVFoundation to provide recording functionality and to deliver data to our backend. Our backend was built using Flask and leveraged Keras to train a mask classifier.

What's next for

While members of the public are typically discouraged from calling the police about mask-wearing, businesses are typically able to take action against someone causing a disturbance. As an additional deterrent to these people, can be improved by providing the ability for staff to call the police.

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