Fishing is one of the major occupations worldwide providing livelihood for millions of people. Fishermen venture into the ocean for 5-7 days, get totally isolated from the shore, and come across a variety of risky circumstances at the ocean. They travel more than a hundred kilometers into the ocean for fishing, but the coverage of the cellular network across the oceans is limited to around 15 kilometers from the shore in most areas. Satellite-based marine internet connectivity isn't a suitable option for poor fishermen because of the excessive price. Much of the time marine VHF is quite loud and quite unusable. It becomes difficult to transfer emergency information concerning awful weather signals. This can put the lives of fishermen in danger at the sea. In the current scenario they are using multiple apps like one for weather , one for alerts, one for logbook and so on. Only few features are available in free version to access other features user should opt the paid version which is not affordable for a fishermen.

What it does

The application that we are gonna develop provides useful information to fishermen which can be downloaded and can be accessed offline modes based on users' preferred language. Some of the features are ,

  1. Logbook to keep track of their catch and to generate fishing logs, save and share catches.
  2. Save fishing areas, hot spots, way points; Record trolling paths and trot lines; Search saved GPS locations.
  3. Real time weather and border alerts.
  4. Maps including satellite view, radar weather and sea surface temperature charts .
  5. Navigation compass, Distance between way points.
  6. Track mileage, presence of traffic, and a lot more useful features that are needed for fishermen that can solve the problems faced by them in deep sea.

How we built it

We plan to build using these , Web App : Html, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, API, My SQL, Flask, ArcGIS

*Mobile App * : Flutter

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