Our Inspiration

We all know how frustrating slow wifi is. When making a major decision such as buying a home, having accurate information about network speed can make all the difference. More subtle variations in network strength also have huge impacts in our increasingly internet driven world. Weak, inconsistent connections can wreak havoc on everything from office productivity to self driving cars.

What it does

Our tools give you powerful insight into the network connection quality of an area so that you can make informed decisions when it really matters. With MapWorks, you simply enter an address that you are interested in, and we will show you the distance to the nearest cell tower. You can also visualize the differences in network strength across neighborhoods, providing a powerful tool for spotting dead zones in the network.

How we built it

Front-end built with react, back-end with Flask. We used data on cell tower location from the Government of Canada in conjunction with data collected by Martello to estimate network strength.

Challenges we ran into

Complex data transformations in Python. Integrating Google Maps with ReactJS.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Clean, user friendly UI.

What we learned

How to find the distance to the nearest cell tower using the Haversine formula.

What's next for MapWorks

Dead zone prediction while planning trips and driving. We will use the Martello data on network strength and the data on cell tower location from the Government of Canada to analyze trends in network strength along the route we plan using the Google directions API. Our program will then reroute the car if it is approaching an area that we predict will have dangerously low network strength. As the car drives along the route, it can even contribute its own data, which will improve the predictions.

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