With the coronavirus pandemic slowly going away and road journeys becoming popular once more, we were inspired by the struggles one has to face while planning a road trip, which is why we created a web app that assists you while planning a road trip.

⚒What it does⚒

Our web app lets you browse destinations, and enter your starting point. You could customize the date of the journey start too, and the number of travellers with you. Within seconds, the web app provides driving directions between the starting point and destination on Google Maps. It also provides you an overview of your route on a small google map. Tripzy simplifies your road trip planning, by giving you approximate costs of gas, and displaying the gas prices too!

🏗How we built it🏗

We used HTML, CSS, JS and Vs Code.

🚧Challenges we ran into🚧

We had a bit of a challenge making the design responsive to all screen size or making it mobile responsive. We also faced a bit of difficulty correctly implementing the places api.

🏆Accomplishments that we're proud of🏆

We are proud that we were able to build a useful hack that anyone can use for finding a new place to travel to. We also feel that we can easily build more out of this and possibly turn it into a business idea.

📚What we learned📚

We learnt new APIS using google maps and google cloud/google maps and a bit of bootstrap and firebase.

📈What's next for Tripzy📈

--Add more features to the app. --Add more places to travel --Make it into an online business.

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