When it was holiday and I was planning a trip to Europe, I find it hard to decide where to go. I have a scene that I want to visit in mind. (beautiful mountains along with little river) But it was a hard time to know where to find such a place. So that's why I come up this idea to display popular image over Google map, so it would be easier to find the place I want to visit.

What it does

It shows popular images over Google map. When you zoom in, it shows more images about that zoomed region. It also allow people to upload there own favourite pics and will have ranking system based on "Likes".

Next step

Search place pics based on user's request. (e.g. mountain&river)
Here might be where some fancy ML is used lol

How we built it

Google Map API, Google Places API

Challenges we ran into

Find suitable photos for display.

What I learned

Google Map API, Google Places API, Javascript (never really learned it)

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