We've often seen posts on Facebook, including in Rutgers University Class of 20xx pages, made by people looking for tutors or offering tutoring services. Many times, these posts get lost among the many other posts on public Facebook groups, so we wanted to make a website solely focused on helping students and tutors connect. We wanted to use this opportunity to learn and get some practice using web development tools, so we set up a MySQL instance on Amazon AWS, and connected it to a Flask app. We then wrote the front end and used Flask's request module to process user events as POST requests, which our Flask routes could handle. At the end, we uploaded our app to a Heroku instance, so that it's usable by anyone at Rutgers. None of us had ever built anything in Flask before, so it was definitely a great learning experience and a lot of fun, even thought it was a little stressful writing code right up until the deadline.

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