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I have recorded my experience building Manatee via tweets and Medium post


I wanted to build something that can be used by 100x data scientists and devs right within their workspace. And since slack is one of the most popular communication workspace, it seemed a natural choice.

What it does

ManaTee unlocks all capabilities of any Ocean Protocol powered marketplace and more. It can even evolve as a meta marketplace encapsulating all other marketplaces with ability to search and publish in any configured marketplace.

How I built it

It was a tough journey because the slack tech stack is like a sandbox environment with limited flexibility to perform different responses on user interactions like displaying spinner while fetching data from pacific network etc. So, I had to be bit creative.

Challenges I ran into

Bot needs to respond to slack requests within 3 seconds else request gets expired. And this was tricky when connecting with Pacific network because responses typically takes few more seconds depending on the response size. So, I had to find some work arounds to it. But, thankfully I managed to do so in a given timeline.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

ManaTee is not a normal conversation bot or slash bot like other bots, that takes a command and perform request. But, instead its a collection of smart interactive components that works well and gives a feel of normal web based marketplace. At one point it seemed infeasible, but I am extremely proud of this achievement.

What I learned

Ocean Protocol tech stack is not that difficult to use especially when L2 is well defined and docs are maintained. And there are also many many cool ideas that can be built around Ocean. Its just the beginning.

What's next for ManaTee of Pacific Ocean

Next Features will include -

  • ability to add and configure different networks
  • ability to consume right within Slack workspace
  • ability to set alerts to look out for categories of data assets in future

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