As university students who rent apartments off campus, we are often required to rent them for a full year. However, most students will be away during summer, which leaves the apartments vacant for almost three months. We think this is extremely wasteful. On the other hand, summer school attendees come to the university in that particular time period and have the need for accommodations. We believe it will be great if an app and match the two groups to better utilized the apartment spaces.

What it does

The app collects information from apartment owners/renters who are willing to provide their space for summer students. Other users can then search for the post and sublease the properties. Since the apartments will likely to have spaces like living rooms, they can also be used for storage. The app tries to arrange that as well.

How I built it

  • Using React.Js as a front-End, we built a couple of modules to consist the user interface, including a Map and a List of information. The Map supports to show the markers of each storage locations that near your current geolocation. The interface also allows users to post and browse others' information.

  • Express.js as backend built RESTful API, Authentication...,

  • MongoDB as the database enables us to improve our ORM easily

Challenges I ran into

Too many functions to complete in a short time

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

Full-Stack development

What's next for MadHouse

Being able to actually serve students in UW-Madison

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