Loneliness and lack of exercise are two main contributors for health problems. We created our app to solve this problem. Our app connects people together and give motivation to go to gym or exercise more often and more effective.

What it does

It connects the newbie (trainees) and the experienced gym goers (trainers). Newbie learn how to exercise properly from experienced gym goers and always have a friend to go to gym with. Experienced gym goers have the opportunity to teach newbies and get bonuses for that. The bonuses for trainers would include: free membership, Workout inventories such as free protein shakes, chocolate bars and many others, respect in workout community, and many new friends. The bonuses for for trainees include: free guidance and teaching how to work out and many new friends.

Technical aspects: it uses authentification capabilities and data storing on Firebase

How we built it

We built it with using Android Studio as a main platform for the app. We also use Firebase Cloud and FIrebase Authentication for storing data and login/signup.

Challenges we ran into

This is the very first time to use Android Studio and Firebase(Google's Baas service) for our team, therefore it took a lot of time to learn and use them. Moreover, it is also first time for us to work together and build an app. So it was really challenging for us to build this app, but it was really worthy to experience them and we could learn a lot of things from this hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We actually were able to complete the project on time. We were able to implement the database online. So our data is actually stored online and our app indeed is fully functional and ready to be used by users. We worked really hard within last 24 hours to bring a great result and we have the result!

What we learned

We learned how data is organized in the database on the Firebase. Also, we learned how to design better apps with Android Studio. Moreover, it was a good chance to learn how to share projects with members through Github.

What's next for MachoMate

We would like to launch our app to public later. We would appreciate the cooperation with ARC to promote our product. We think that our app can motivate many more students to exercise and care about their health as well as it will help to make many new friends.

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