All three of us travel a fair amount; we often find ourselves on adventures, exploring new places, trying new foods, and of course enjoying night life. We also all have a passion for private data and the idea of ownership of that data. With those ideas in mind we created to help us use technology to create living itineraries that allow us to have great adventures, easily document them while they're going on, and help us all find each other in the midst of any busy situation with only a few taps on a smartphone all without having to compromise on privacy and without worrying about bothersome advertisements or other social media distractions.

The basis of is to facilitate communication between friends during real-life situations. allows a user to create a memory, inviting friends to join them in documenting and experiencing a living itinerary as it happens. After creating a basic Memory, it's easy to quickly start adding milestones with locations, times, and invitees to help friends coordinate schedules.

After you've fleshed out a basic itinerary, document your journey to and at the event, using photos, writing notes, and creating memories to share with your friends in or out of the group, at your discretion.

We're looking to target anyone that wants to make their adventures, from the most exotic to a Tuesday night at the movies, easy, manageable, and fun with minimal effort.

We're particularly proud of the product as a whole. We've engineered an entire cohesive product with a clear vision in 36 hours. We have a mature infrastructure based on proven technologies that will scale gracefully with product growth.

We have built to last: by allowing users to own their data, we can provide services to convert memories directly into beautifully rendered albums with both free and paid templates after you've completed your journey.

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