** Thank you for visiting our Web Site, Luna Planners.

Little About the Web Site Our motive behind developing this Web Site was to ease the users from opening multiple windows/tabs of a browser to do their daily duties. Therefore, we developed a "Personal Web Dashboard" that tracks your finances as well as keeps track of your To-Do List. It also allows the user to use Google Maps, Google Search Engine, displays current weather, and a calender for ease of the user. At last, we have provided the user with an "Emotion Buster Journal" that allows the user to vent-out their emotions and trash it at the same time. In order to make this dashboard, we used Google APIs, AJAX, JAVASCRIPT, HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL as well as MYSQLi. In order to create our database, we used phpMyAdmin and to upload to the server and bring it all together, we made use of MobaXterm.

Now About Us We are four students from NJIT majoring in Computer Science. Our goal behind attending this hackathon was to learn and implement skills that we acquired from classes as well as our interest. Our "major" goal is to get an internship based on our skills and knowldege. Now go on and explore the Dashboard...! **

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