Team Information

Team Name:

Team Lead: Prayash Thapa (303) 883-7541

Full-Team: Prayash Thapa, Angela Nguyen, Jesse Litton, Kaitlyn Irvine,

Location, Floor, and Room: (#49) Third floor, past the kitchen, around the purple sofas in the Living Mobile/Civic Media area

Project Information

Category: Education / AR/VR for Good

Project Name: Luminate Project Description: Luminate elevates the experience of making digital monetary donations. Luminate allows anyone to send funds and inspirational messages in a virtual lantern to a geo-tagged fundraising location. Using Augmented Reality, recipients in that designated area can then explore the lanterns in real time with their mobile device.

Development Information

Development Tools Used to Build: Xcode

SDKs used: Firebase, ARkit, SceneKit

APIs used: Firebase

Any assets used that you did not create: [Water image] CC0 License – Free for personal/commercial use. No attribution required.

[Las Vegas Memorial image] Joel Angel Juarez, Las Vegas Review-Journal

Any Libraries used: LBTA components

Screen capture of the application:

Any components not created at the hackathon: None.

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