Haven't we all been that shy little kid with that embarrassing crush? Even though we're in college, everyone has that inner middle schooler in them, wondering if our young love is requited. But some of us are also computer programmers, and don't have the time or the confidence among other things to actually go out and ask. The embarrassing and messy reality that is life will not get in our way! Why not just tell a mutual third party that let's the other know? And why not automate this with a neat little Facebook bot?

What it does

You basically text Lovebird the name of your crush and it searches through all current users of the bot. If you and you crush both text each other's names, we send you a match! If your crush has not used the bot, we'll keep the crush's name on record and text you once your crush does.

How I built it

I created a Ruby on Rails site and attached my bot to it. The bot is written in Ruby and it is running on a heroku server, and sends API requests with the Facebook Messenger platform.

Challenges I ran into

Checking functionality of the bot was difficulty because I constantly had to upload the code to my server and test it through facebook's messenger platform, so I couldn't write basic tests or test features locally.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I did not hurl my computer across the room while dealing with Facebook's mess of a platform that makes testing almost impossible.

What I learned

Making the core of the project is like 20% of the work. Turning a fun hobby project into a somewhat polished app is like 80% of the work. So many bugs. So many. gah.

What's next for Lovebird

Hopefully some matches are made ;) We need to get approved by Facebook to go public, so it is limited to some users.

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