With the application "Losing Weight " you can not only lose your weight but also learn a lot of new things. At now, the application includes such features as:

  1. Advises and articles about weight loss.
  2. Myths about weight loss
  3. Diet diary which helps to monitor your diet.
  4. Varied diets, proved by health and beauty institutes .
  5. Information about vitamins necessary to maintain the organism in a healthy way.
  6. Information about microelements that make up our food.
  7. Information about harmful food additives Exxx
  8. Table of calories for more than 25,000 products and dishes.
    1. Branded cosmetics for body health from the Italian firm "GUAM" Also in the "Calculations" you can find instruments to calculate the rate of diet or weight loss, calorie table of many foods, calorie table with the search for a huge (more than 25 000 items) database products and dishes.
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